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Founded in 1991, Black Oak is a property development and investment management company operating in the mid-Atlantic region with approximately 2 million square feet owned and managed. The company specializes in real estate investments including retail and mixed use projects. Black Oak acquires buildings and land requiring zoning changes, releasing, construction or other improvements. The company's management team is experienced in acquisition, redevelopment, financing and property management with an average of over 30 years in the real estate and financial industries.

Since 2010, Black Oak has acquired ten shopping centers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and North Carolina totaling approximately 850,000 square feet. During this time frame, the Company invested over $200 million through its acquisition and redevelopment programs. The Company funded these initiatives from a variety of capital sources including Black Oak sponsored private equity funds. Beginning in 2015, Black Oak slowed its acquisitions as valuations for commercial real estate increased relative to 2010 levels and consumer shopping preferences evolved rapidly. The Company sold several shopping centers at near peak valuations between 2015 and 2018 following the successful completion of redevelopment and releasing programs.

Black Oak is expanding its investment platform to include new products in addition to retail property. These categories include environmental land based strategies, storage and multifamily assets. In 2016, Black Oak provided capital for the restoration of over 300 acres of environmentally valuable land in Los Angeles County, California. The Company expects to earn a return on this investment over the next decade as environmental credits are sold to mitigate impacts from infrastructure, residential and commercial development. In 2018, Black Oak obtained approvals to construct over 230 apartments as part of a new mixed use development in the NYC trade area.


Black Oak specializes in creating and retrofitting properties that are efficient, low-impact, and sustainable. The company is committed to integrating what is best for the environment into cost saving solutions for efficiency and value creation. Black Oak is implementing sustainable property management practices which includes weighing economic impacts, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. The company's management team reviews and assesses the existing conditions of each property and outlines capital improvement guidelines to improve upon building efficiency and overall property sustainability. Investment areas include HVAC upgrades, roof insulation, lighting, and water efficiency with a goal of improving property efficiency by 30% for each property.


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