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Black Oak was formed in 1991 to acquire and reposition distressed real estate for a long term holding period. The company’s long term hold philosophy extends from the belief that investment performance can only be measured over extended periods of time and must take into account the negative effects of taxes and inflation on investors’ capital. During Black Oak’s history, the company has created an investment track record that validates its cash flow focus. Black Oak’s income oriented and long term hold strategy underpins all of the company’s management decisions, while reducing frictional transaction costs and risks associated with attempting to time market cycles.

Black Oak targets real estate investments that provide compelling income with growth potential and long term capital appreciation. While Black Oak generally emphasizes acquiring existing properties, it considers development acquisition opportunities if warranted by a prospect’s risk adjusted return potential. During its hold period, the company performs value-added activities, including increasing occupancy rates, repositioning and/or redeveloping underperforming assets, securing entitlements, managing properties with a focus on sustainability, and capital structuring. The primary types of retail businesses found in Black Oak’s existing portfolio can be broadly categorized as “consumer non-discretionary.” This segment of retail meets the everyday needs of people, including food (such as grocery stores and casual dining), services, and general merchandising. In the future, Black Oak expects to continue to leverage its existing network of real estate professionals to identify assets that fit within Black Oak’s investment program.